Where do I go when everything ends?

I woke up today and was thinking myself. Is it a bad dream? Maybe we are a part of the worldwide reality show? China, Italy, USA, Russia, Spain, Israel and so many more...

Today we get our first steps after being at home for almast 2 months. People are getting back to their work, kids are ready to go back to schools and daycares next week. Everything seems better today. I am so used to be at home, that I feel, like I need a special guide to tell me how to go back and do next.

So, where do I go, when the first plane is here. What do I see, What I have always wanted to visit and never did.

I actually have no idea. I know, that being a tourguide during this period is a tough job. It is a lack of job. But That is why Im so excited for that day, when our tourists start to come back. I believe, that Jerusalem has always been an attraction and it will alwyas be. To rent a guide in Israel and enjoy the country you defenatley will be able again. I am waiting till the day, that I go to Jerusalem, and even withing empty streets from the tourists I can send you some short stories from the guide in Israel.

It doesn't matter where you decide to travel, we are here to welcome you.

I was always wondering what tourist place is the first on the wishlist if we take it global.

So write your comment, what would you visit first?

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