Jerusalem, Pesah, Spring Time, Special Time...

I'm in love with Jerusalem in all times of the year. But now, I have never seen it like this. It is empty, it is blocked in case to stop the unknown virus. But we're not gonna talk about COVID-19. It gets enough of attention each day in media and social talks.

Spring is a magical time. We all get tired from winter and feel a lack of vitamins. Doesn's matter if you are a doctor, a tourguide, or any other profession. That is when we all hear about the great holiday Pesah. Jews call it also the Holiday of Spring, the Holiday of Freedom. Yes, about 3,200 years ago sons of Israel left Egypt to be free. They rented a guide called Moses. As today not all of them listened to their guide, and those who did, eventually found their place in the holyland.

Jerusalem 2000 years ago... Pesah is comming... Jews from all over the world, not only Israel come to their holly place. The Temple, renovate by Herod. One of the most amazing architect projects at that time.

I am sure, that back than Israel had sightseeing tour agency, who took care of it. But as far as I am kidding, the truth is talking. To visit Jerusalem during the Pesah holiday, you needed to have an average year salary. It was a lot of money. Mount of Temple gets so full of people, that Herod builts special spots to watch the visitors from above. Herod himself prefers to spend these days out of Jerusalem, in Herodion.

Thousands of visitors, who came from far away. It's been like this for 2000 years at least. Till today. This is the first time Jerusalem stands alone in this holiday. Only several people from Cohen families are allowed to come to the Western Wall and pray. No daily tours are sold, no people are comming. Everything looks like in the Hollywood movie.

But we still celebrated. We care about our tradition. It is a family time, that we spend , even when the entrance to Jerusalem is blocked.

I am thinking...Maybe Jerusalem is tired of us and it needs it break? Maybe God sent this time to rethink things in our lives. It is time to restart. And Jerusalem is still there, waiting for it's people to come.