Israel and it's Heroes

Updated: Mar 31

Israel is a young country , which recieves it's independance in 1948. But it is also one of the ancient countries, which mentioned in the eldest Bible stories. A story , which takes it's beginning 4000 years ago. And it is only jewish history. Of course before that you may find other troops, who live in this place. It was a center of the ancient world. The main crossroad between Egypt and Messopotamia. Across the history moments we hear about many important people, such as Moses, Joshua, Jesus Christ and many more. Israel is all about Jerusalem tours, and Dead Sea tours. Travelling the country in the footsteps of Jesus. These are must things to do, that are offered by a lot of companies. But the story, I'm gonna tell is about one guy, who was called Eli Cohen. A spy, but not just a spy. Genious spy, who becomes an Israeli hero in 70s. Not too young, but having a big dream in his 40s he doesn't give up and tries himself for Mossad jobs. Mossad is not interested beacuse of Eli's extreme desire to become a spy. "He is too impulsive, too emotional. He doesn't know how to stop. He's talented more than others...." And eventually he gets the job. Eli Cohen known is Syria during the years as Kamel Amin Tabeth. He's playing a huge role for Israeli army. He's the main actor on Syrian stage. He's not just another person sent to Syria, he becomes one of most succefull people in Syria. Being the best friend of top political leaders. During the years cathes an eye of the main stream and becomes a nominator for the head of Syrian security service. But his impulsive personality turns him down. For getting in touch with Israeli's Mossad services , he eventually gets cought by Russian pelingator. Eli was hanged in the main circus of Damasque. His body was never brought home to Israel to his family. He became a national hero. What about today? Today there is an amazing private tour you can take in Israel, which is called "In the footsteps of Eli Cohen". When? Where? Why? and How?

Golan Heights is the place. This tour wonder different people, men, women children. It's an amazing way to travel the beautiful nature of Israel in our VIP Israel Tours. And to discover Kuneitra (the place , which used to be the main security building for Syrian security service, where Eli visited many times). Today it's in Israeli territory. Through the activities in Golan heights, such as visitting historical places and winery factories. You may even visit the military bases of Israel. Golan Heights , Banias. Take a view on Syria from the Israeli border. Stories of the independance was and the main battles. Our Tour Guides in Israel will offer an increadable trip for you, your friends, or your family.

These tour is not a standart tour. That is why we offer it as private tours in Israel. That is why i defenatley suggest to rent a guide in Israel, so you can reach not standart places, and to hear about not standart people from our tour guides.

These trips are very special. You can do it during one day, or stay a night in the hotel or even in nature , in one of the national parks.

Katzrin is the great ancient city to visit on the way. To taste the food of local villages.

We can definatly offer you any activity you wish. For this you can always contact us for more details.