Desert, Israel, Dead Sea and everything your soul desires...

Yes, one of my favorite place in Israel would be Dead Sea and Jordan River. It is not like i prefer it over the other places, but today Im going to talk about this one.

Dead Sea is full of nothing. No fish, no life. But is one of the most amazing place on Earth. It is the lowest place on our planet (-400metres) under the ocean level.

It is hot here, dry and still we this place attracts many tourists each year.

Sun, sea, people, food, the harmony of our friendly desert.

While we are staying at home fighting Corona Virus, this judean desert is taking its time to see us again. This place has seen everything during the ages. Greeks, romans, mamluks, jews and many more. Wars, conflicts, blood. I am sure everything could happen here. But this land always kept secrets. Peoplein all times of history used to run away and escape the city walls to find their peace in here.

By these days the great secret of Ein Gedi is not solved. How did the make the afarsemon oil? We can only take guesses.

If you rent a guide in Israel don't miss the opportunity of your liftime to spend a couple of days in desert. Jerusalem such as daily tours are great to start with, but in the end of your trip explore the desert. Take hotel, or sleep outdoors, track the beautiful sand.

Dead sea word is written in Bible , known also as a "Arava Sea". Ancient people knew to pay attention to this miracle. It doesn't have life in it, but by our days factories get minerals, such as brom and magneisum to resell them abroad.

Every tourguide in Israel knows this place, but there are few, who are in love with it.

Jordan river, which is a devide line between Israel and Jordan from the North of the country and till it enteres the Dead sea waters.

So many storie are connected to it. Kaser El Ehud is a place, where Moses leaded his people to cross the river after they escaped from Egypt and found themselves in the desert for 40 years.

In the same place Jesus was bapthised. And today it is all yours. You can visit here anytime you wish. From 2011 this place is opened for anyone from everywhere in the world.

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Doesn't matter what you decide to do here, we will be happy to assist.

Desert is silent, but we will make it talk for you, so you will remember your trip to Israel forever.