Welcome Back...I'm still standing. Antipatris fortress. Israel

We've been sitting at homes and dreaming of going out. Here it comes. The patience payed off. A few days ago 20 national parks of Israel opened their gates for the visitors. As far, as we have so many tourist sights in such a small country, we have decided to start with the closes one to us. If you visit in Israel and rent a guide in Israel you have to visit this place.

Antipatris fortress which is located at Tel Afek (Afek Hill, mentioned in bible, egyption and assirian hisotrical sources).

This place is known for ages. Let ou tourguide in Israel meanwhile show you the place in this article. Why is it called Antipatris fortress? Antipatr was the local governor before his son Herod. As far as Herod was a well known constructor and builder, who tried to show the romans, that he is no worse than they are, he kept building and dedicating his projects to his friends and family. This place he dedicated to his father, during the roman period in Israel.

But the history takes us 500 years before. This place is already know as a defended city, with strong walls. Close to Yarkon river, because water is everything in all times. The place hold an extremly important position considering that time. Via Maris, the road, which connects Egypt and Messopotamia cannot be crossed , without going through this spot. Yes, Thoutmas the 3-d , an Egyptian faraon in his way to Megido also goes through this place. That was the only spot, where people and animals could walk through, because walking near the sea, along the beach line was impossible.

So many time passed since then, after Greeks came Romans, and after roman impire Byzantian. After them muslams, and croussadors. And mamluks also. But nothing has changed a lot. This place is still standing on the main crossroad of the country.

This place is friendly to everyone. Not too hot, a lot of shade. Yarkon river water gives an opportunity for little kids to play and enjoy the shadow of the trees. You can even ride a bike here.

Life is comming back . We are comming back.

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