End of the World or an opportunity for a restart....?

Updated: Mar 31

Our lives are so dynamic. We are a new genaration of multitasking. We do not stop. Day and night do not matter to us. We chase money, success, glory forgetting our basics, as love, friendship, taking care of those, who need us. Hi tecj technologies, robots, new i-phones , everything is more interesting, than reading an old book. An here we are. The world has stopped. Welcome a new virus, welcome a nature disaster. Welcome the most frightening thing, that does not care about how reach you are, successfull or famous.

People are frosterated about sitting at homes, being for a long time with their families, and they are right. Because they have forgotten about all this. It stayed in the history, without paying attention, that it really happened.

We see a lot of tourists during the year. We are a Tour Guide in Israel. They are all different. Rich, poor, skinny, fat, white , black and for us there is one thing that brings them to Israel. Passion for travelling, passion for Jerusalem, passion for Jesus??? Probably, but i thinkg the most important thing is a power of their prayer. When you look for your guide in Israel, sometimes you looki for travelling with a private guide Israel, sometimes in groups. Some people prefer to book VIP tours. But trust me, all of them are looking for that special prayer.

I think that today, when the world has stopped and captchured you at home with you most loving people it is a great opportunity to start doing what you have always wanted. Clean you closet, draw on the walls, plank for 10 minutes each day, cook, bake. Everything that you never had time for. Play with your kids, you don't have to worry to any place. The world showed us, that we are still little toys in it's hands.

I believe, that Jerusalem will stnd and wait till the planes return to Israel with their tourists.

In any situation God sends us, we should actually think deep: "Why do these things happen?"

To destroy us? Or to make us stronger?