Israel - Living a war or a Dream?

Updated: Mar 31

Israel like an opera, wither you hate it , either you love it. I wasn't born in Israel, I was born in USSR. The biggest country in the world, which fell apart in 90's. My parents had a tough life, being busy ny surviving. I still had a nice childhood, no candies, no chocolates and far away from travelling and seeing the world, but it was a real childhood outside. When I turned 16 my parents decided to move to Israel. Sionist people? Not really. We were ready to move anywhere, but not to stay in Ukraine. My mother is half jewish, father is russian. Who am I? God knows. Big salad surved on the color plate. My grandfather always kept in secret, that he is jewish, and only today I understand why. People cannot be judged for their decisions. My life in Israel began when I was 16. New life, tough, no friends, without knowing Hebrew , but using my English everywhere I started to force and convince myself to like it. The only thing I know, from that immigration, that noone actually owes you nothing. If you want something, go and get it. My father was a teacher of history, who found himself here cleaning the floor at the chemical factory. Mom is the same story. One day I called Haifa University and signed him for exams. Being a tour guide in Israel requires 2.5 years of studing in the University. We got accepted, and eventually became a local israeli guide. Doing Jerusalem such as daily tours, being a private guide, and guiding all over the country. His life has changed 180 degrees. He is not jewish, but he is Israeli. Being russian he fall in love with Jerusalem and other places in this country. My way was no shotter. I found myself at the age of 18 in the army. Air force, but not a pilot. It could be a dream, that hasn't happened, but happened something ellse. I met my husband in the army. Another story to be told. He was brought in April 1990 , at the age of six. Fully jewish guy, but what did he know back then about being jewish? He was born in USSR and not many memories stayed in his head. One day I thought, we are all so different and came from far away, but it is not by chance. Israel is so small, full of conflicts. Media in the world writes about Israel so many things, that even I don't know where they are happening. One day I got up and decided, that me and my husband are going to take exam in Haifa University to be tour guides. Why? Because women always make decisions in Israel, making their husbands feel it was their's. It was a scary descision, having at home 3 little kids and taking 2.5 years for the studies for both of us. There are no words to describe this studies. Hard, tough, exhousting, not logical amount of historical material, getting up early , staying till late studing for the exams. But exactly during this time this whole little Israel becomes a powerful country in my eyes, full of historical secrets and places you can only imagine yourself to visit. North, South and Center regions are so different, and each one is so beautiful, that you feel an extra need to share it with people , who come from abroad. People sometimes ask: "Isn't it like living a hell, endless war and fighting for surviving?" For me Israel is not about an endless war. For me Israel is a little piece of God (I'm not a super religious person) given to each one in this world. Christians, Muslams, Jews and many other confessions. For people, who don't belive in God. It desn't mater what nation you reffer to, we are all Israeilis. It is something else. I still belive, that when people travel in big groups they miss a lot of interesting details. That is why we made up with an idea of making special Jerusalem tours, private tours, VIP tours. Combining them with different activites , which might interest you, your family, your friends, and your kids. And yes, kids are more than welcome on our tours. So, Israel is not only a war, Israel is also a dream. Don't miss it. Discover this dream and you will not regret. As for us? We are just a tour guide in Israel, who loves their land. With all pluses and minuses :-)