Jerusalem Syndrom or Jesus inside of us...?

Updated: Mar 31

Israel, Jerusalem, Tours, Groups....I have heard so much before comming here, that I already love it or even hate it. 20 years ago my parents were sitting in a room and talking to their friends how was their trip abroad. Trip abroad was an event, planned and done. Pictures were printed, album was decorated. These memories are forever. Today it's different. Everything more dynamic, tomorrow you pick your destination and almast any lowcoster company will take you there. You can read on internet about anything, and anyone. But belive me, trust me, that Israel and of course Jerusalem are the places, that you can never know what happened there. Why? You are asking me? Because here everything began.

Some of tourists visit here and everything they have in their memories: private guide, Jerusalem tour, crowds are everywhere, mixed nations, loud, everything is so loud, you want to run away. And you know what? It is totally ok with me. Non of us can argue with an inside world of our persanality. But some of them are cought in a moment and hypnotised by these places. I will tell you more, I am one of them. These streets of Jersualem, and colorful people, religions mixed with each other, noise of the market, shades, sun, food and all different elements of the street make me feel, like Jesus just walked here through. I'm a tour guide, tour guide in Israel. I come to Jerusalem a couple of times a week and guess what? Every time i feel , like he just stepped here. Roman empire is still here. Herod is watching over the city. Temple mount is ready for jewish holidays. Old City is full of tourists from far away. 2000 years haven't passed here. Time is frozen. And then I step in the church of holly Sepulchre and I see this guy walking around with no sandals, looking like Jesus. He has been here for 7 years. Some people say American, some say Canadian. Call it a syndrom, but he believes. In what? In walking with no sandals or more than that, but this is amazing. This is amazing, how everyone who comes to this city finds something for himself. My friends live in Israel for 30 years, and some of them have never been to Jerusalem. So once in a while I pick up the phone and offer them to come for a free day to the old city. By the end of the day we are tired, and full of feeling that we left our kids and husbands at home, but so happy, because we got the right energy . I think everyone gets the Jerusalem syndrom, even those, who don't like it. Emotions in this place can be never written or described. My friend hasn't toughed her camera for a couple of years, but when she comes with me to Jerusalem her hands and eyes are creating. My other friend sits on the mount of Olives and just draws. Something she doesn't have time for at home with her little kids. Every olive tree looks, like it keeps secrets of the City for ages. You can't stop staring at the people. They are all different. Languages, locals, tourists. You smell food everywhere. In summer this city is less hot, than Tel-Aviv, and in winter it's just a perfect weather for walking and listening stories. I'm a tour guide in Israel, I cannot stop this process.

If you ever plan to visit this city, don't plan 20 activities from the internet. Just bring yourself, open you eyes for an increadable experience. And by the end of the day you will actuall feel, that you Are a part of it's history. Everthing started here. Is it a syndrome? Is it Jerusalem syndrom? It is defenately Jerusalem. More than that? Only God....